The Proposed Saint-Joseph-de-Beauce Facility

The Saint-Joseph-de-Beauce project is the second biomethanization plant in North America for Nature Energy and Énergir Développement. The project in Farnham plans to use 715,000 tonnes of biomass, of which 80% will come from agricultural sources and the remaining 20% from the agri-food industry.

Location: Saint-Joseph-de-Beauce Industrial Site

Creation of 15 permanent jobs, and 200+ during construction

Biomass type: 80% agriculture, 20% agri food waste

Volumes processed annually: 715,000 tons

Volumes of RNG produced annually: 20 Mm3

GHGs avoided annually: 60 000 tons equivalent

Why Saint-Joseph-de-Beauce?

Because the region is densely populated with farms capable of providing many times the biomass required for the operations of a Nature Energy plant.

Two years of construction for the Saint-Joseph-de-Beauce plant

Use of local contractors and operators for the plant

Negative pressure buildings and +$10 M investment in odour treatment technologies

Projected Project Timeline

Support from the Saint-Joseph-de-Beauce City Council

  • Meetings with local decision makers
  • Land selection process

Permits granted

  • Information sessions with local farmers 
  • Public consultations with Saint-Joseph-de-Beauce population
  • Detailed engineering, permit applications and other studies in progress


  • Preparation of the site
  • Ground breaking event
  • Initiation of the facility construction

RNG to grid

  • Inauguration
  • Injection of RNG to the local gas grid

You want to contribute?

If you are an agricultor in the Farnham area, please don’t hesitate to reach out to learn more on how we can collaborate!